Our City


The reference to this beautiful city of Bhubaneswar in the Indian history comes in the 3rd century B.C. when Ashoka attacked Odisha (the then Kalinga). The fierce war was fought on the banks of river Daya (presently in the south of Bhubaneswar). The bravery of the people of Kalinga  and their sacrifices for the motherland changed the heart of the cruel emperor who turned himself from “Chandashoka” to “Dharmashoka”. After the war Ashoka spread the words of Buddha in different parts of the world.


The city is full of temples. Once upon a time, it was called the Mandira Malini Nagari. The inhabitants of the city never discriminated any stranger by his caste, creed or colour; without compromising with their heritage, culture and belief.


Our lovely city was designed by one of the world famous German architect,  Mr. Otto H.Koenigsberg and was inaugurated on 13th april 1948 as the capital city of Odisha. The coexistence of lovely natural dense forest areas covering almost one side of the city, the well planned city has got many heritage, historic and naturally beautiful spots, thus making it a big tourist attraction.


Bhubaneswar is slowly emerging as the next best metropolis of the country with high growth in education, health care, information technology and infrastructure sector. It continues to maintain its status as a green city with least environmental pollution.

Now the Odisha Govt. has come up with Vision 2030 master plan to make this city the best sought after destination in India.